Music is a Gift

Music is not manmade. Man neither ordered the vast universe to resonate with frequency, nor taught little birds to chirp orderly songs. Rather, music is divine. Every musician is a member of the universe’s inherent song. On our instruments, we communicate feeling, emotion, and truth to the world. If music is truly heavenly, why do we act as if we created our own talent and inspired our own creativity? If music is a high and blessed calling, why do we reduce it to a means of approval and acceptance? If music is about sharing with others, why do we hoard it for our own selfishness?

I am qualified to answer these questions because my music used to be all about me. I played to win approval and validation. Ironically, this attitude destroyed my confidence. I was terrified to perform because my mistakes proved me a failure. Whenever I thought about auditioning for music school, fear and discouragement overwhelmed me. One thought planted itself in my head: “You can’t do this. You’ll never be good enough.” Eventually, my weight of self-doubt and insecurity grew unbearably heavy. Playing my flute was neither enjoyable nor inspiring. “You’re not good enough” blocked me from communicating music effectively—it blocked me from using my gift. Finally, I obeyed God's call to change.
Changing a thought pattern that I had engrained into my mind was not easy. But God gave me the strength and the grace to change; He replaced my perspective with His. I meditated on the truth—that I was blessed to have been given the gift of music—and began to really believe it. Prayer and divine revelation showed me that my music was not about me, but about sharing inspiration and creativity with others. Like my dad said to me, “Music is a totally huge, absolutely divine thing. You’re privileged to be one of its stewards.”
Now, I am free. I am no longer at the center of my flute playing. Thus, trying to prove myself is over, and the weight of self-doubt is gone. A desire to serve the universal art of music—not myself—motivates me to practice. I was given musical ability not to glorify myself, but to bless others. Music is truly a gift. God has given me a priceless, invaluable present. And, like a child who opens the perfect present on Christmas morning, I want to show it to everyone. Every time I practice my flute, I unwrap another layer of the package. The more I unwrap, the more I can share; the more skill I gain on my instrument, the better I can share music with others. My flute and I are joining the universal song - the song Creation sings to its Creator - and singing it to others.

(Taken from Naomi's blog,


I love the picture you look so professional!

I love the flute it almost looks like a fade pink.

Naomi Franklin's picture

Thanks, girls. :) It looks like a rosy gold in this picture. I love the color!

ya it is really cool!
Im so excited for when the next time i see you because i can play your flute i think!

Very poignant - good encouragement and insight. Yes, a gift is something exhibited - look what I have - not who/what I am. Gifts come from one who loves you, accepts you, values you. It is something to be cherished and cared for and never discarded.

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