The Cross

Thank you, Satan. I know I'm a sinner. Your continual needling, your constant nagging, your crippling negativity, remind me of the truth: I'm a sinner. You enjoy reminding me that most of my thoughts are sinful, that I make mistakes constantly, that even my righteous acts are rooted in selfishness. You've told me these things a million times. And I listen, because your words have the appearance of truth. The Word of God does say, "All have sinned and fallen short"; "There is none who is righteous--no, not one; all have fallen, all have turned. There is no one who seeks God." So, then, if God Himself says it, why isn't Satan right? 

Because that's only half of the truth. Or rather, that's the black fact before it is blasted by the Bright Truth: "If any man is in Christ, He is a new creation." We are worse sinners than even Satan tells us we are. If you want proof, look at the Cross. Look at what Jesus had to suffer to save us. His thorn-lacerated head, His spike-pierced hands, His God-forsaken spirit, testify to the heaviness of our sin burdens. God forsook Jesus at the Cross--because our sin demands that God forsake us. 
The good part, the part that breaks off our rusty chains of eternal condemnation, the part that plunges our filthy souls under the Fountain of Life, the part that condemns and curses and crushes every guilt burden that Satan tries to chain us to--the Life part is that God forsook Jesus, not me. God let loose His righteous fury not upon His willful, rebellious children, who fully merited it, but upon His humble, faithful Son, who innocently suffered under it. It blows my mind. I was fairly blamed, He was blameless; I was dirty, He was pure; I was justly accused, He was completely innocent. Yet, He voluntarily took my place.
So, Satan, I know I'm a sinner. My sin is no secret. I know I am a sinner because I have looked at the Cross. When I see what Jesus had to suffer to save me, I can't deny the heaviness of my guilt. But Jesus isn't still hanging on the Cross. He wrapped Himself in my chains, then threw them off. Therefore, I am free. Once and for all, we are free. Forever, we are free. The guilt the Enemy whispers to us is a lie. By choosing to listen to it, we choose to lock ourselves in an optical illusion--for this prison isn't real. Bring your guilt to the Cross. It was justly paid for there, and Jesus will set You free. 


“The Cross | His Own Hand Music” was indeed a splendid posting, cannot help but
wait to browse a lot more of ur postings. Time to squander a bit of time on the web lol.
Thanks -Danilo

You are a wonderfully gifted evangelist - may God continue to light your path and bless your life journey with joy - +.

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