There were few things I disliked more than classical singing (except maybe practicing the piano, but more on that later). My mom didn't seem to understand that it was totally not fun for a 14 year old girl to take classical voice lessons, to perform classical music and sing on classical voice recitals
     But luckily for me, my mom didn't care what I did or did not like. I still cleaned my room, washed the dishes, swept the floor, did my schoolwork...and took classical voice lessons--whether I liked it or not. Many people think that somehow, performers simply walk out on stage and play their pieces perfectly... the first time through. They don't think about  the hours and hours that flutist spent playing that one measure over and over again in a practice room, or the weeks and weeks that singer spent memorizing that entire German opera. They don't realize that music, just like anything else worthwhile, requires hard work and dedication. Thus, studying music is not always fun. 
     Luckily for me, mom my realized this and didn't let me quit doing chores or schoolwork or taking classical voice lessons, even when I cried and complained and nagged and nudged. She made me work at it. I had to practice and memorize my pieces and learn how to pronounce Italian and sing on voice recitals. Even though not all of it was fun.
     Now, get this: I'm a college student. And I study classcial voice at the Eastman School of Music, a classical music conservatory. Pretty ironic, huh? 
     So be encouraged! Whether you are a parent questioning whether or not dealing with all the complaining is worth the piano lessons, or a young adult who hates to practice the instrument you're basically being forced to play, don't give up! What you're experiencing is completely normal. Believe me, we go through the same thing everytime we try to get Elijah to practice the piano. Even at Eastman, my friends and I still complain about practicing. Music, just like anything else worthwhile in life, requires hard work and might not always be fun! But when you play that first flawless recital performance, or win that solo competition, or delight an audience of grandparents and aunts and uncles with a piano piece, you will realize that all that hard work was worth it. 



I would heartily agree Hannah that all your hard work has paid off and it's awesome to see you "shining your light" in the classical music world!

Is that you Hannah?

Naomi Franklin's picture

It will be in about five years! :P

It does look like Hannah!

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