Homeschooling Empowered Me For Life

God calls my generation to take a stand for righteousness in our homes and communities. Many of us have gorged ourselves with entertainment and pleasure; we have grown accustomed to blending in and taking the easy way out; we passionately seek only ease, comfort, and passivity. But I was homeschooled, and my education at home prepared me to stand out. My parents gave me a desire for excellence and ignited in me a passion for truth. Wherever I go in life, to the classroom, to the office, or to the podium, I will take influence with me. Homeschooling provided me with a solid worldview, equipping me to confront and influence the culture in academia and music.

My passion for academics started at home. Some people think that homeschoolers do no school—on the contrary, I never stopped doing school. While my siblings and I were growing up, my mom made us learn from almost everything. My school, a home full of inquiry and discovery, gave me a love for knowledge. I owe my special love for books and writing to my mom: she read out loud to me every single day and impressed upon me the importance of clear, honest communication. Showing me how to draw life out of books, she taught me to search tirelessly for meaning and truth. Following her example, I learned to aim for nothing less than my absolute best. Today, I owe my readiness to influence the culture through writing to my mom. She taught me to strive for excellence and to fearlessly communicate truth—I will continue to do so in college and beyond. 
God placed inside me a musical flame. When I was in kindergarten, my parents discerned my talent and began to fan it. They surrounded me with musical resources and signed me up for piano lessons. As I grew older, my dad taught me basic music theory. One of my favorite memories of school is of my sister and I, seven and five years old, standing in the basement pronouncing chords my dad played on the piano as either major or minor. Three years later, when I was 10, my parents gave me a flute for Christmas. My mom, a professional flutist, became my teacher. Homeschooling gave me three advantages in music: First, my flute teacher was on call 24/7; she frequently instructed me from the kitchen, yelling things like, “D SHARP!” and, “THAT WAS FLAT!” Second, my flexible school schedule permitted frequent practicing. Third, my teachers, encouragers, and supporters were always there: my parents. When stress about recitals and auditions sent me into numerous emotional breakdowns, my parents supported me. Motivated by their excellence in music, I strove for excellence myself. Hours of hard work and perseverance paid off. I am prepared to confront the culture through excellence in music. 
Homeschooling did much more than just develop my skills in academics and music—it gave me the lens through which I see the world and equipped me to share my passions. Homeschooling defined me and made me who I am; it gave me confidence, leadership, morality, and faith. I grew up where I belonged, under the instruction of my God-given authorities: at home, instructed by my parents. In school, I would have been a bullying target: I wore my favorite color, pink, in a thousand clashing hues; I adored phonics, reading, and spelling; I thought boyfriends were stupid. (Truthfully, I haven't changed much ;-) .) Home not only protected me from bullying but also fostered my self-confidence in a healthy way. No one ever told me to “trust my instincts” or “follow my inner star.” I did not need those shallow lies, because I spent all day with parents who loved me. Growing up at home, I observed my mom’s professional attitude and quiet confidence; I socialized with people of all different age groups, not just my own peers. This gave me ease and confidence relating to any age group. Homeschooling taught me morality; through careful discipline and teaching, I learned righteousness at home. My parents freely used that book forbidden and shunned in schools—the Holy Bible—to teach my siblings and me what was right and wrong. They administered discipline when necessary to teach us the consequences of sin. I learned to be a leader. Instead of following the crowd, I walked against it. My parents’ teaching not only taught me to be a righteous leader, but also gave me faith.
Homeschooling gave me a solid worldview and character and thus armed me to confront and influence the culture. Homeschooling equipped me for an industrious, productive, and influential life. Whatever lies ahead, whatever waits behind life’s corner, I know I am ready. 


Love your article! Someone is training you to think and communicate well, and you are clearly catching the fire for both. Can't wait to see how life unfolds for you.

Naomi Franklin's picture

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the compliment. :) I am certainly blessed to be in the family I am in. 

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