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The Power of Godly Books

Books are power. Reading engages our minds and our emotions. What we digest changes us. The books we choose to read affect us either negatively or positively. In my life, God has used literature to open my spiritual eyes. Over the course of my high school education at home, a few Godly books in particular have changed my life for the better. 

Five Reasons Why Teenagers Should Listen to Classical Music

Rock, pop, rap - those are cool music genres. But classical music? That's for old people. At least, that's what many of my peers think. They only embrace pounding, repetitive instrumentals and breathy, whiny vocals - and so miss out on the richness of classical music. Here are five reasons why my generation should listen to classical music:

Not Your Typical Soprano

SOPRANO! What image just came to your mind? I see a tall, majestic woman with glossy, piled-up hair, green eye shadow, and ruby lips curled into a haughty sneer. Decked out in sparkles and lace, she clomps around on six-inch black heels and "vocalizes" by screeching out high notes and murmuring strange syllables. She glares scornfully at those who marvel at her bizarre mating calls, then daintily sips water out of her pink leopard-print, BPA-free reusable bottle. Soprano. If that's what you think of when you hear the word "soprano," then you've never met my sister Hannah.